Garbage processor uses new technology to handle household kitchen waste

We put the garbage in the crushing chamber. Turn on the cold water and gently press the power button on the food waste disposer to pass the machine's own function. After opening, the stainless steel tool holder combination will rotate at high speed. Through cutting, squeezing, smashing, grinding, etc., the garbage can be efficiently and safely ground into small particles less than 3 mm in diameter within a few minutes. The water flows into the drain pipe and is discharged directly to the sewage treatment plant.

The food waste disposer uses a jet automatic cleaning mechanism. With three-stage grinding tool, the tool adopts blunt high-impact zinc-magnesium alloy components, which are wear-free for life and do not need to be replaced. Exclusively developed the transfer interface technology, all stainless steel three-point positioning balance adjustment bayonet technology (ATFQ technology), to meet the installation requirements of various caliber sinks.